2016 UEFA Euro Cup – Qualifying Phase Draw

The second qualifying round of the UEFA Euro 2020 has started. The draw for the group stage of the tournament took place on November 30. The main draw of the draw was held on February 8. The group stage will last until the last match of the group. The teams will be divided into 4 groups of 6 teams. The top 4 will qualify for the next stage.
The draw for qualifying was held in the last round, so the teams have time to prepare for the matches. The matches will be held in 2 parts. The first part will start on March 5 and will last for 4 matches. Then, the second part will begin on March 12 and will end on April 2.
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Qualifying matches for the European Championship 2020
The main draw for qualification for the 2020 European Championship took place in the second round. The tournament is held every four years. The participants are divided into two groups of four teams. Each group will have a head-to-head match. The winner of the head-To-Head match will be the winner of group stage. The next matches of the groups will be played on May 12 and June 12. The winners of the matches will qualify directly to the next round.
In the second qualifying stage, the teams will play in the following matches:
1. Group E matches.
2. Group F matches.
3. Head-to head matches. If the teams win, they will qualify to the group stages. If they lose, they can play in a head to head match.
4. The final match. This is the most important match of all the matches, because it decides the fate of the team.
This year, the tournament is very interesting. The number of teams participating in the tournament has increased from 6 to 7. The new tournament is called UEFA European Football Championship. The qualification for this tournament is also very interesting, because the number of participants has increased to 7 teams.

The matches of this tournament are held in a shorter time than in the previous one. The schedule of the qualifying matches is as follows:
* on May 13;
* May 20;
* on June 12;
* on July 11;

Group E
The first matches of group E took place. The match between the teams from Ukraine and Belarus ended in a draw. The second match of this group was held between the team from the Czech Republic and the team of Ukraine. The last match between these teams was held. The score was 0:0. The team of the Czechs won the match. It was the first victory of the Ukrainian team in the history of the national team. The Ukrainian team will play the next match on July 12.
Group F
The group F matches are held. This time, the matches were held between:
• the teams of France and Germany;
• the teams that finished in the top 4 of the previous season, the winners of this season.
• The teams that did not qualify for this group.
These teams will fight for the place in group F. The results of the first matches are not very encouraging. The French team lost its first match. However, the team managed to win the next two matches. This was the only defeat of the French team in this group stage, but it was a good result.
Next matches will take place on May 20 and June 20. The games will be followed by the final match on August 10.
Results of the Group F
In group F, the first match was not very successful. The game between the French and German teams ended with a draw, but the game between France and the Czech team ended with the score of 0:1. The Czechs lost the match and were eliminated from the tournament.
After this, the games between the top four teams of the current season began. The leaders of the EPL were the teams:
· Liverpool;
· Manchester City;
· Tottenham Hotspur;
The game between Manchester City and Liverpool was very interesting and tense. The hosts won the game with a score of 2:0, but this result was not enough for the leaders.
At the end of the game, the leaders of EPL met again. The result of the match was a draw for Liverpool. The home team won with a goal of Jürgen Klopp.
On May 20, the final game of the season was held, and the outcome of the confrontation was a victory for the hosts. The victory was due to the fact that the team was able to score goals in the final moments. The goals were scored by Mohamed Salah and Mohamed Salza.
Now, the EFL Cup is the main tournament of the English Premier League. The competition is held once every year. The most important trophy of the championship is the Epl Cup. The club that wins the tournament will be promoted to the Premier League, and will be able to compete for the title.
Live Results of Football Matches
The football season has already ended, and now the attention of fans is focused on the ECL Cup, the main trophy of English football. The EPL Cup is held in November. The season is very busy, and there are many matches held simultaneously.

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