Match predictions for Arsenal-Chelsea

Match predictions for Arsenal-Chelsea match
The match between the Gunners and the Blues is set to take place on the 19th of August. The team of Wenger and Mourinho has been in crisis for a long time. The previous season, the team was in the Champions League zone and won the Europa League. However, the following season the team lost to the Red Devils in the Premier League.
The Gunners are in a very difficult position. The main rivals of the team are Manchester United and Liverpool. The latter is the main rival of the Gunnerโ€™s players. The Blues are also very strong in the English Premier League and have a good record in the tournament.
In the last season, Arsenal and Chelsea played against each other in the most important match of the season. The Gunners won this match and became the first team to win the FA Cup.
You can follow the results of the match between these two teams on the sports statistics website. Here, you will find the information about the matches of the teams from all over the world.

The results of Arsenal- Chelsea match
This season, Chelsea has a good chance to win gold medals. The club has a lot of leaders and is capable of winning the tournament in a row. The players of the Blues are in excellent shape. The squad of Mourinho has become stronger and is able to play with the strongest teams.
Arsenal is a good team, too. The current coach of the club, Unai Emery, has a long experience in the football field. The Spaniard has managed to turn the team around. The last season was very successful for the team. The performance of the players of Emery and his squad was really good.
However, the Gunns have a long way to go. The following conditions must be met:
1. The results of matches against the main rivals.
2. The development of the game of the leaders.
3. Good teamwork of the entire team.
4. Good management of the budget.
5. The ability to finish in the top 4.
Of course, the first two conditions are not easy to meet, but the last one is the most difficult.
It is not very easy to win in a long tournament distance, but if the Gunnies manage to do it, it will be a great achievement.
Live football scores on the reliable resource
The Premier League is one of the most famous tournaments in the world, which attracts millions of fans from all parts of the world every year. The English Premier league is one the most popular championships in the whole world. The Premier League has a great number of matches, which are held at the same time.
At the same website, you can always find the live football scores. Here you will not have to go to a specific platform to find out the latest news. The information is available on the website in both the English and the German languages.
Now, the English football championship is not as strong as it used to be. The teams are in an excellent shape, and the season is already in full swing. The top teams of the championship have already won the champion title. Chelsea and Manchester City are the main favorites of the tournament, but other teams are also ready to fight for the title.
Here, you have the opportunity to follow the latest results of all matches of your favorite team. You can do this on the site of sports statistics. It is easy to do this and find out all the necessary information about matches of Arsenal, Manchester United, Liverpool, Tottenham, and many other teams. The website provides information in both English and German.
All the latest football news on the platform
The English Premier championship is one among the most exciting championships in Europe. Now, it is much easier to follow its results. On the sports platform, you need not to go far to find the latest information.
Among the most interesting championships, the Premier league has a special place. The tournament is held every year, and it attracts millions from all around the world to watch its matches.
This year, the top teams have already managed to win their champion title, but they have not yet done it in a convincing manner. The fight for gold medals is still ahead. The championship is very interesting and full of surprises. You will not miss anything important on the basis of the information provided by the sports website.
Latest football scores from all the tournaments
The season of the English championship is already over. The clubs have already played a lot, and now it is time to select the winners. The most interesting matches of this season were the matches between the teams of Manchester United. The Red Devils won the title of the champion of England, but it was not easy for them to win it.
After the victory, the club leaders had a lot to do. The first thing they had to do was to get rid of the injuries. The leaders of the United squad played a good game, and they managed to get a good result.
Next, they had a busy transfer campaign. The list of players who joined the club in the summer includes:
* Lukaku;
* Martial;
* Rooney;
* Martial;
* Mata;
and many others.
These players have already made a positive impact on the results. The game of Manchester united was really impressive. The score of the victory was 3:0.

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