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The new season of the Champions League promises to be spectacular, and we’ll see the best players of the Old World in the new tournament. However, it’s not always easy to follow the transfers of the teams.
The Spanish championship is the most popular championship in the world, which is why it”s also one of the most watched championships.
Now, the teams have a lot of new players, and the transfers are always interesting. The main transfer news of the current season is the arrival of Cristiano Ronaldo. The Portuguese player will join Real Madrid, and will be able to play in the team of Zinedine Zidane.
This will be a real surprise for many fans, because the Portuguese player is not a great scorer. However he is a great finisher, and he’d be able, in particular, to score a goal from distance.
Another interesting transfer is the transfer of Karim Benzema. The Brazilian player will play for the Real Madrid team. The club has already signed the player, but the transfer is still in the initial stages.
You can always follow the news about the transfers on the website of sports statistics, where the information is updated in real time.

The transfer of Cristian Tello from Valencia to Real Madrid is a good example of the transfer news. The Spanish club paid a lot for the player. The cost of the player was about 1 million euros.
However, the club has a good option to buy the player at a lower price. The player has already played for the team for a few years, and it“s obvious that he”ll fit into the team” style.
Moreover, the player is a very good finisher. He has already scored a lot, and now it‘s time to distribute the goals.
Also, the team has a lot to offer in the transfer market. The team has many young players, who are ready to become leaders.
In addition, the players of Real Madrid are very talented, and they have already won the Champions Cup.
It’ s always interesting to follow transfer news, because it„s easy to find the information on the Internet.
Main transfers of La Liga table
The main transfer of the season is that of the French midfielder, Lo Celso. The transfer cost the club about 1.5 million euros, and is a real coup for the club.
Celso is a young player, and his transfer is a way to get rid of the expensive player. He is a midfielder, and has already managed to score several goals. The French player is very talented and can become a leader of the team.
Real Madrid has a great option to sign the player in the summer. The new coach, Zinede Zidanes, has a very talented squad, and Lo Celse would be a great addition to the team, as well as to the club budget.
Fans can always find the latest news on the sports statistics website, where information is always updated.
La Liga table of the new season
The season of La liga is coming to an end, and fans are waiting for the final match of the championship. The teams have to play the last match of their group, and if they manage to get into the playoffs, they will get a ticket to the Champions’ League.
There are several teams in the top 4, and each of them has a chance to get to the next stage of the tournament. The first matches of the playoffs are very interesting, because they”re very important for the teams” position in the standings.
Of course, the first matches are very important, because if the teams manage to win the first match, they’re able to get a good result in the second match.
If the teams lose the first game, they can’t get into a good position in La ligue table, so they“ll have to do a lot in the next matches.
Teams” performance in the final matches of La laiga table
Of the teams, Barcelona is the best, because of its excellent lineup and the fact that it has Messi, Suarez, Suarez and Suarez.
Barcelona has a high chance of getting into the Champions” League, because its players have a good game.
At the same time, the Catalans have a long way to go, because many of them have to improve their game. The players of other teams have already played in the Champions league, and many of the players are tired of the long tournament distance. So, the fans can”t wait for the end of the La llegaiga table.
New season of Serie A starts
The start of the Serie A season is also a good opportunity for the fans to follow all the news.
For the first time in a long time, there are no transfers in the starting rounds, and this is a positive thing.
But the main transfer story of the first rounds is the departure of Juventus from the team that won the Serie a championship for the last 10 years. The departure of the club was a real shock for the people, because for a long period of time, it was the main contender for the title.

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