How to challenge the dominance of Real Madrid and Barcelona?

The last few seasons have been dominated by the teams of Real and Barcelona, but the struggle for the champion title is not over yet. The two giants have been fighting for the title for several years now and they have managed to achieve a lot of victories.
In the current season, the Real Madrid team has a good chance of winning the Champions League. However, the Catalans have a number of advantages over their rivals.
1. Individual skills of the leaders.
The leaders of the team of the Royal Club have a good understanding with each other, which allows them to achieve the desired result. For example, Zinedine Zidane has a great understanding with Cristiano Ronaldo, who has been the main star of the Spanish national team for several seasons.
2. Lack of motivation.
This season, Real Madrid has a serious lack of motivation, which has affected the performance of the club. The team has not been able to demonstrate its maximum for several matches and this has led to the fact that it has lost several points in a row.
3. Lackadaisical playing style of the main stars.
Real Madrid has not played with such a lackadaisically manner for several months now, which is why it has not managed to demonstrate the maximum.
4. Lacklustre schedule.
After the victory in the Champions league, Real has not had a lot to show, which resulted in the fact the team has lost points in the domestic arena.
If we talk about Barcelona, then we should not forget about Lionel Messi, who is one of the best players of the Old Continent. The Argentine has managed to score a lot and become the main contender for the Golden Ball.
However, the main thing that can be said about the Catalonians is that they are not as motivated as their main rivals. This is another reason why they will not be able to repeat the success of the last season.

If you look at the results of the teams, then it is clear that Real Madrid is the main favorite of the season. The Catalans are not in the best shape, which means that they will have to play with a lack of enthusiasm.
Will the Royal club be able not to lose points in La Liga?
This is another question that can not be answered in the short term. The Royal club has a number and a variety of players, which makes it possible to play in different lines. This will allow the club to play against the rivals in different ways.
It is also worth noting that the Royal team has already won the Champions cup, so it is not surprising that it will not lose points this season. However it is also important to note that the team will not have the same level of motivation as Real Madrid.
You can always follow the results on the sports statistics website. Here, you will find all the latest information about the games of the clubs and the national teams.
Latest results of La Liga matches
The season of the English Premier League has already come to an end, which allowed to see the latest results of its matches. The main surprise of the final rounds was the fact of the victory of Chelsea over Manchester City.
Of course, the team from the capital of the United Kingdom has a lot more experience in the Premier League, but it still managed to defeat the team that was considered the main rival of the Blues.
Among the main reasons for the defeat of the Citizens, the following ones can be noted:
1). Lack of teamwork.
Many of the players of Chelsea did not show their best game. This was another reason for the fact they lost the match.
Another problem of the Chelsea team is the lack of individual skills of its leaders. For this reason, they did not have enough chances to score goals.
Also, the lackadaïstego of the coach was another problem, because he did not give the team a chance to rest.
All this led to a loss of points in this season of English Premier league.
Manchester City has a more balanced lineup and this allowed the team to score several goals. However the main problem of Chelsea is the fact it has no individual skills.
Thus, the Citizens have not managed not to score many goals, which led to their defeat in the final round.
Chelsea’s victory over the Citizens
The final rounds of the Premier league were quite eventful. The match between Chelsea and Manchester City was quite a tense one, because the team had a number players who did not always show their full potential.
For example, the players from the Blues did not play well together. This led to several problems in the game, which ultimately led to an unsuccessful result for the Citizens.
Moreover, the leaders of Chelsea, who were not always at their best, did not help their teammates. This resulted in a loss in the match against the Citizens and the defeat in this tournament.
There are a number reasons for this defeat, but we should also note that Chelsea has a high level of individual skill. This allows it to score points even in difficult situations.
That is why the team managed to win the Premier championship.
Results of the Champions tournament
The Champions tournament is a tournament that is held every four years. This year, it has already ended and the main surprise was the victory by Juventus in the tournament.

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