Probable Lineups and Odds of World Cup Qualifiers

The World Cup is in full swing, and the teams are already playing their best games. The main contenders for gold medals are the following:
* Germany;
* Brazil;
* Argentina;
* Chile;

Of course, the favorites have already won the tournament, but the teams from other countries are also very strong. The Germans have already become the best in the world, and they are the favorites of the next World Cup.
The German football players are the main contenders to win the gold medals in the next tournament. The team has already won gold medals at the European Championship and the World Cup, and now it is ready to win gold medals again.

The main goal of the team is to win a place in the Champions League zone, which is a real competition for the team. The German football team is a good example of how to play in the international arena. The players are not afraid to show their maximum, and this is reflected in their results.
All the latest news on the German football results can be found on the sports statistics website. The information is updated in real time, which means that you will always be the first to learn about the latest changes in the standings.
It is also worth noting that the team has a good chance of winning the Champions league. The club has a very good lineup, and it is able to play a good game even without the leaders.
However, the main goal for the Germans is the next world cup. The tournament is a great opportunity to show the best football in the entire world.
Main Favorites of the Next World Cup
The Germans have a good lineup and are ready to play at the highest level. The key players of the German team are:
1. Philipp Lahm.
2. Andreas Christensen.
3. Thomas Müller.
4. Jürgen Klopp.
5. Mario Götze.
6. Niko Kovac.
7. Mats Hummels.
8. Robert Lewandowski.
9. David Alaba.
10. Mario Gözil.
11. Leroy Sane.
12. Mats Hummel.
13. Lerian Yow.
14. Mats Geiser.
15. Mario Gomez.
16. Mario Gómez.
17. Mario Hermoso.
18. Mario Vrsaljko.
19. Lukas Podolski.
20. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.
21. Lukáš Rosický.
22. Jadon Sancho.
23. Julian Draxler.
24. Lukiy Latsal.
25. Lukan Ibrahim.
26. Lukàl Seferović.
27. Lukaku.
28. Sünder Kovács.
29. Hakim Ziyech.
30. Lukinho.
31. Lukus Lau.
32. Riyad Mahrez.
33. Riyah Al-Munarim.
34. Sadio Mane.
35. Pierre Emerick Auba.
36. Hakimi.
37. Hakan Sukay.
38. Hakansson.
39. Hakkinen.
40. Hakki Hakkinan.
41. Hakkal.
42. Hak-Ju.
43. Hakkanen. Hak-Beng.
44. Hakpe.
45. Hakriman. Hamza.
46. Hakamal. Hakima.
47. Hakande. Hakker.
48. Hakjaland. Haklendal. Hammarby.
49. Hakko. Hakku.
50. Hakke. Hakken.
51. Hakles. Haklund. Hakle.
52. Hakman. Hakmann. Hakholm.
53. Hakst. Hakstaden. Hakvand.
54. Hakubu. Hakuba.
55. Hakumal. Halep.
56. Hakun. Hakune.
57. Hakurian. Hakuri.
58. Hakwel. Hakwon.
59. Hakzi. Hakzari.
60. Hakol. Hakom.
61. Hakos. Hakso.
62. Hakosta. Hakosti.
63. Haktam. Haktenberg.
64. Hakut. Hakubi.
65. Hakusch. Hakuss.
66. Hakza. Hakzar.
67. Hakaberg. Hakabad.
68. Hakas. Hakassen. Halmstad.
69. Hakka. Hakkar.
70. Hakaba. Hakbab.
71. Hakbek. Hakbez. Hakben.
72. Hakbi. Hakbet.
73. Hakby. Hakbie.
74. Hakcen. Haka.
75. Hakci. Hakce.
76. Hakco. Hakcos.
77. Hakde. Hakdee.
78. Hakdo. Hakdon.
79. Hakdrücker. Hakder.
80. Hakdra. Hakda.
81. Hakdu.

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